Repair old family Bible, our special leather inset style allows us to keep as much as possible of original book and create a new leather cover. Please call to discuss options and price. 608-362-3982.

All of examples below had different amounts of work that had to be done on inside to repair loose pages, etc.
Each one was put in large book press under tons of pressure and allowed to dry overnight. Depending on art work on endsheets we will try to save originals and incorporate them into the repair. We can also offer brand new
black bible endsheets or hand marbled paper from Italy. Custom Bookbinding can also restore your personal Bible
as well with new flexible leather covers and choice of gilded edges: imitation or 22k real gold, silver, copper, etc.
We stock topgrain cowhide in a number of leather colors. We do have some goat leather in stock as well.

Before and after pictures, spine crumbled beyond saving because someone had home repaired many years ago.
We made new cover and spine with ribs, saved original cover and inset it into new leather. We were able to rejuvenate
old cover and re-stain. Approx $300

Author published own book, we fan bound. (Fan binding is special process that puts 1/16 flexible glue on every single page. Compared to rough sanding or grinding and applying quick set glue used in production equipment.) Custom leather covers, custom stamping die, 22k real gold used to stamp and gild top book, imitation gold used for
other 2 books. Whole job over $1000

Edges wrapped in new leather, new spine with original pieces saved and inset between ribs, oil applied to leather. Approx $400.

Inset old cover and spine into new leather, saved original endsheets. Approx $400

Old family cookbook had been in 3 ring binder, pages were falling out. We cut off holes and fan bound and trimmed edges. Inset original paper cover
into new leather cover. Approx $250

Inset old cover into new, stamped title on spine. Approx $300

Edges wrapped, saved 3 pieces of original spine and inset in between new ribs. Old leather oiled and stained. Approx $450

Inset front and back with new leather cover, reproduced copy of original endsheets and used for repair. Approx $350

Customer did not want save original cover as it did not have any art work on it. We were able to save a piece of original spine that had the title.
We made a new cover with ribbed spine. The front had a triple inset: oval inset then another inset that captured the original spine piece. The design
around the oval was laser engraved from art work taken from the title page of same book. Approx $600

Large County Atlas, front and back insets, two colors leather: wine for spine and corners and distressed for main body.
Custom die made to match original decorative gold stamp. Regilded book in 22k real gold. Approx $1200

If interested send us your book and we can discuss your options. We reccomend sending UPS or FedEx so that you have a tracking number and insurance. We will not send an expensive, irreplaceable book thru the regular USPS system. If you have a budget you would like to keep the project under please let us know. We will do our best to work with you. Older books need alot of special attention and handwork. These are not high production cheap repairs. We use only top grain quality leather. Custom Bookbinding does all its own edge gilding in house by skilled artisans. You can trust your treasures with us.

Looking for a personal binder that can take care of your family heirloom Bible?
How about your favorite translation custom leather bound with choice of gilding?
Maybe you want to gift someone their favorite reading book in custom leather and name.
This is the place.

Hand Bookbinding

Are you a book collector or simply looking for the perfect gift for a book lover? Personal hand bookbinding is a fantastic way to protect your favorite books, and it can be utilized to restore important heirlooms such as your family Bible. Getting custom book binding allows you to choose the type of cover, personalization and more. Browse our selection of book binderies to give your loved books a classic and personal touch.

Personal Book Binding Companies

Hand book binding is a process that is used for protecting a precious book, and it also enables you to select a new cover and gilding. This will make any book look new, and you can use gilding to add a classic touch. The personal hand binderies below can provide you with gorgeous custom leather-bound books.