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Field Service Bags, Briefcases, and Organizers

Our selection of briefcases and bags are specially designed to carry your New World Translation Bible and other JW field service supplies. Many bags include compartments for easy storage and quick access to materials. Choose from a variety of styles, including fashionable options or simple, practical looks. Our JW service bags are made to be comfortable, secure and sleek - the perfect companion to your Watchtower Publications.

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Also, choose from a range of organizers to provide your Bible extra protection and allow you to carry important papers and notes in the same place. Some organizers are able to hold a tablet securely, a perfect solution to hands-free literature and easy storage. Our organizers are made of sturdy materials and won’t rip, giving you peace of mind so you can concentrate on field ministry. Make use of an attached case or our Triple Compartment bag for meeting or service supplies. Stylishly designed in leather or titanium, our cases make a great impression with their clean and professional appearance. Spacious field service book bags give you room to take your essential papers with you in the field, so buy your very own services bags for witnesses today.