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We can help you get the best price on credit card transactions by representing you, not the processor. We work with a number of different companies to get the best rates for you.

Helping your business save money immediately. Let our team work with you making sure you continue to get good rates and customer service so you can focus on other things.

1- Save money immediately

2- Maintain low rates

3- No contracts

4- No equipment leases

5- Make switching painless

Here is how we can do it:

1-By offering interchange plus pricing we pass on the savings directly to you. Thus you will recognize savings the very first month you switch.

2-The contract we have negotiated with our processors only allows for the direct increases from Visa/ MasterCard, which is industry wide. Thus continue to save month after month, without the processors creeping up their fees.

3- By not signing a contract, we represent you and can switch you if at any time you are not satisfied with your processor, with no penalties. We want you to have the best customer service possible and will not represent companies with low customer service ratings. We only use processors that we have had a good track record with.

4- No equipment leases, we offer low or no cost equipment that you own. No need to pay month after month.

5-We make switching painless by having you get your own Authorize dot net account. If ever you switch in the future all your customers and accounts are yours and not the processors. Get and keep control of this important feature of your business.

What you will learn from watching this video could save you thousands of dollars every year. The most productive 7 minutes you will spend.

After watching this video you may want to take out your own monthly credit card merchant statement and view it again!

About us: scroll down to see our videos explaining how we are able to lower your fees by 15-30% or more.

How we got started: I have been using merchant services myself in running my own online business for the last 30 years. I began with my own local bank thinking they would give me the best deal and best customer service. When I was approached by the endless stream of companies wanting my merchant processing business. So I switched and immediately began to recognize a savings. But then gradually the prices went up and up. After my 3 year contract was up I switched to another promising company. After going thru the painful transition period with Authorize dot net, carrying two accounts until the first account transactions were finished which takes several months.
The merchant service companies get wise to giving qoutes that seem to be money saving. They do this by saying that your rates are low like 1.5% or 2%. Sounds good but what is the effective rate? The effective rate is after all the other charges. So take your bottom line charges and compare that to how much you take in. That is your real rate.
I tried comparing companies using the low rate they were giving me on my statements on the majority of my sales which in my case was 1.5%. Nobody could beat that so I was pretty confident I had the best deal in town.
Until I started investigating further and got educated. My bottom line, effective rate was actually 3-4% Also most companies put you in a tiered system where you end up being charged way more for cards then Visa and MasterCard bill. I found that my company was able to save considerably by switching to interchange plus. This is pass thru pricing based on your sales volume and factors relating to your business footprint.
I have teamed up with Eddie who has over 10 years experience in the credit card industry. Let us help you get the best rates and customer service available and maintain them. The difference is we act as a watchdog protecting you not the processor. If for any reason one of our processors fails to give you the best customer service and pricing we can effortlessly switch you to a company that will.

Meet Joel and Eddie to see what make Cardlevel different from other Merchant Processors and how they can save you money.
Have Sam and Eddie explain Interchange. Most processors do not want you to know about this!
Most merchants have a hard time understanding their merchant statement. This is because there are many hidden fees. Let Sam and Eddie explain what they are.
Once you have a merchant account what types of transactions can you accept? Most merchants are familiar with swiped cards, but what about B2B?
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