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Blue Binder Board Study Organizer

Punchless binder board sized for Life And Ministry, Magazines, Brochures. Simple yetclean way to store your Kms, Watchtowers, Awakes and Brochures withoutpunching holes. Your name can be stamped in lower right corner for anadditional $10.00. Dimensions: 9 1/4 in. High x 8 in Wide x 5/8 inthick.

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Vinyl-pattern Padded Convention Notebook 1

Beautiful colors for Convention Notebook, reuse year after year.

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Fresnel Lens/ Book Mark
Fresnel lens used to magnify your printed study materials, also doubles as a book mark because it is very thin!
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Dual Twist Action Pencil Refill Lead - 2 BLUE
Refill Lead for Dual Twist Action Pencil - 2 Colors, Red and Blue Lead. Only sold with both colors.
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Poster of Jesus' Family tree going back to Adam and Eve. A Unique chart done with a long Bible study that could save you hundreds of hours of search. 38" X 27".
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