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When traveling into other countries, it is nice to be able to contact local brothers who can help you either with your travel plans or find the local Kingdom Hall. If you personally have had experience with these individuals and would like to pass on information to others please email Please do not send us travel agents but rather brothers who are in business as taxi drivers, boat drivers, excursion hosts, etc. These brothers often times can use the support and as tourist we are looking for trustworthy guides. Often times having this interchange of encouragement is the highlight of our trip.
Custom Bookbinding is not affiliated with these persons and is only passing on what others have experienced, we are not responsible for accuracy.

Visiting Bethel can be overwhelming to organize, also it may be difficult finding availability. The branch gives this company advance reservations that you can take advantage of:

They are a travel agency owned by witnesses dedicated to providing you the best experience possible while visiting the Warwick World Headquarters / Wallkill / Patterson / Niagara Falls / Canada Bethel / NYC / Washington and more...

This is another company and it does other trips around the world and headquarters.

Our family went on a tour with and really enjoyed it. We were able to spend the whole time with fellow brothers and sisters from different parts of the country. Illinois Travel personally took us thru the branch facilities and carefully took care of all our needs.

Chicago Illinois--- Oriental Museum--University of Chicago--Stuart Kleven---JW guide
The Oriental Museum has over 60 items of interest to Bible students, including the lion statues that Daniel would have walked past in Babylon, one of 2 replicas of the Moabite stone that has Jehovah's name. The original in the Louvre in Paris. Brother Kleven works has a volunteer guide on Saturdays, but you may want to email in advance to make sure he will be there. He tours many congregation groups.

Sosua- Domican Republic
Beautiful little beach town with English, Spanish & Creole Congregations and an ASL & Russian group. Matt Power is an English speaking brother who has moved here to help out the congregation. He rents apartments and rooms by the day, week or month. Come for vacation or to help serve where the need is great.

Phone: +18295579356
iMessage: +18295579356

Italy- Experienced English/Italian speaking sister is licensed tour guide any where in the country. She lives in Florence but can give customized tours of Rome, Venice, etc. Very knowledgeable and passionate love for arts and history. Can tie in the Bible truths as you experience the beauty and splendor of Italian history and art. She is independant so you will not be hiring out to another company. Has experience working at British Museum. Will make your vacation an experience to remember.

Maria-Grazia Bravi
Phone: +39 339 6346304
+39 055 3841043

Cancun Mexico---- taxi driver--- Luis Arturo Carrion G. ( English congregation)
Tel home: 251-19-39
cell: 9982-16-37-62
pick up/drop off airport, meetings, day excursions to chichen itza, coba, xcaret, xel-ha, tulum, etc.

Aruba---- Caribbean---
Br. Stanley Kemp, of the Orangestaad Congregation as an excellent contact point when visiting Aruba.

He has efficiency apartments for rent an easy walk from downtown Orangestaad and also mid-island efficiency apartments for somewhat less (it's a TINY island!).
For those wishing to tour the island (there is plenty to see) he has a vehicle for rent and also serves as a taxi driver. Aruba is also served by an excellent bus system and Stanley is perfectly willing to explain how to use it. Fares are tiny by US standards.
Airport pickup and drop off is free for apartment renters. I know from personal experience that he will bend over backwards to help you attend meetings.

Stanley J. Kemp
Pagaaistraat 5
Orangestaad, Aruba
Dutch Caribbean

Phone #1 770-657-0563 (magicJack) (US number)
Phone #2 +297-582-8963
Fax +297-583-4447
Cell +297-593-8551

Roatan Honduras------Brother Dunbar from the English congregation. "He picked us up at the port and gave our group an 
amazing tour of the island including seeing the local hall." 

Kiesha Bennett is his daughter who set it up for us. or

Ensenada Mexico-----Wayne Dorsey.....currently in the ASL group in Ensenada.

Wayne & Adrianna Dorsey is the email set up for the tours
503/983-0068 us cell
503/895-0424 us landline (in mexico)
646-174-5586 mexico cell for adrianna
646-108-5096 mexico cell for wayne