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Smith's Bible Dictionary - Hard Cover
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A classic reference, this hard cover comprehensive Bible dictionary provides a wealth of basic background information in a very affordable format. Nelson's edition is revised and edited by F. N. and M. A. Peloubet. Gives proper definition for Hell, Sheol, and Gehenna, Hades. Poster of Jesus' Family tree going back to Adam and Eve. A Unique chart done with a long Bible study that could save you hundreds of hours of search. 38" X 27". Because of the size and shape of this item it will be shipped by 1st class mail U. S. Postal Service. This leatherlike, silver gilded edge King James Bible is only 4 1/2" wide by 6 3/4" tall and 5/8" thick. Very handy and inexpensive to keep in your bag for the ministry.
Strong's Concise Concordance & Vines Concise Dictionary of the Bible
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Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary
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Two Reference Classics in One Handy Volume Documentary on Name of God.
Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary
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James Moffatt's translation of the Old and New Testament Hislop is often qouted in Watchtower publications. In this book he argues that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than a pagan cult, with roots in Babylon mystery cults, which have a bank of secret knowledge only available to those who have been formally accepted into the cult. Roman Catholics, Hislop argues, are decendants from early christians who have adopted the Roman religion decended from the worship of Semiramis, the wife of the founder of Babylon. Four popular translations in one convenient volume * NIV, King James Version, NASB Updated, and Amplified side-by-side *
The Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament by John R. Kohlenberger III
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(Double-column pages; foreword by John R. Kohlenberger III) A literal translation of the original text with symbols that allow the non-reader of Greek and Hebrew to discover the force and intent of the original.
This is the Hebraica that the Society has quoted from- Includes the standard Hebrew text Biblia Hebraica Stuttgarterasia and the New International Version as the English parallel text. These four volumes in one binding include the standard Hebrew text Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the NIV (North American version) as the English parallel text, a word for word translation for renderings of specific Hebrew words, and an introduction on how to use the Interlinear text. This is for the binding of the DIVINE NAME KING JAMES.   23 colors to choose from.
Robert Young's 1898 edition of his translation. This is the third and last edition that he produced. Translation uses the same Elizabethian language that the King James Version uses. However, being a strictly literal translation, the word order is different from the KJV, so it does read different than the KJV and can be difficult at times to read. Being a strictly literal translation makes it the perfect study tool. Larger print.