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Large Deluxe JW Bible Binding

You may find it advantageous to use the large print New World Translation for your personal study. The large print is easier to read and the wide margins are excellent for taking notes. Maximize your study productivity and send in your large copy of the New World Translation for large Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible binding in our deluxe style. Choose a new leather cover in the color of your choice, or send in both old and new copies of your large JW Bible to have the old cover bound to your new Bible.

Leather Binding for Large NWT Bibles

There are a wide range of large Bible binding options to consider, making it easy to pick and choose a copy that suits your personal preferences. Choose from a variety of paper edging styles including premium services such as 22K gold or silver prism.

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Leather-bound Large Print Bible. 24 colors to choose from. For binding with a Deluxe cover the Rbi-8 Spanish Large Reference Bible and the "See the Good Land" brochure together, 23 colors to choose from.

Leather BIBLE BIB protects book edge while traveling. Fully removable so it is not in the way when you need to use your book. Will work with any book. Black elastic bands will expand from song book size up to Reference Bible & All Scripture/maps combo-size books.