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Fear Not - DVD documentary (book 36)
Live interviews of authors of most of our holocaust books: Max Liebster, etc. Watch short clip from film.
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Girl with the Purple Triangle and - DVD documentary (book 37)

Two Films on One DVD Special Edition
The Girl with the Purple Triangle: Persecution and Resistance of Jehovahs Witnesses under the Nazi Regime

Follow Me: Persecution and Resistance of Jehovahs Witnesses under the East German Regime

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Unbroken Will - 2 DVDs one low price
By Bernard Rammerstorfer -2 DVDs -"UNBROKEN WILL", "Captivates the United States, "USA Tour" Victim of Nazi Tyranny Leopold Engleitner Keeps History Alive in his 100th Year.
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Ladder in the Lion's Den-DVD
Special buy this DVD get Taking Stand DVD free!
The true story of Leopold Engleitner. Leopold died April 21, 2013 peacefully at his home at 107. He refused to join the Hitler army and to salute "Heil Hitler." Like a "ladder"lowered into the "lions' den" he was given a way out by the Nazis, but he did not give up his beliefs.r.
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