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Slip-on covers for Watchtower Bibles and Song Books
Vinyl-pattern, Deluxe, Premier, Tooled, Value
What is the difference? Vinyl, Deluxe and Premier styles have a turned edge of material that gives a finished look along with a lined inside that holds the shape of the cover. The Value and Tooled leathers have a raw, unfinished edge with no lining material. These two styles, especially the Value, fits a little more loose than the other styles even though they are same size. The leather used in the Value is the same as the Deluxe but may have a few small blemishes or imperfections.

Personalized NWT Bible Cases

Designing custom slip-on New World Translation covers for your favorite books lets you express your preferences and meet your specific needs. With a choice of colors, materials, features, and accents, you can design a cover that is yours alone. You can order study books titled in language of your choice, and adding your name in gold or silver foil personalizes it forever. Protecting your gilded edges with the zippered option is a wise choice and extra ribbons lets you keep track of your place in the text.

JW Vinyl Bible Covers & More

A turned edge is included with the Vinyl, Deluxe, and Premier covers, while the leather bible covers in the Value and Tooled categories has a simple unfinished edge.