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Tablet Covers for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Tablets and iPads are useful tools in field ministry, and they need to be kept safe to ensure top performance when needed most. Browse our selection of tablet covers for a variety of brands, from universal sizing to cases specifically made for iPads and iPad minis. With simple covers in a variety of materials and colors, finding your ideal cover is easier than ever.

Cover your electronic tablet with a custom leather cover. Let us know what brand, model and size of your device and we will produce a beautiful leather cover to fit. Depending on design of tablet we will add one pocket on outside and one on inside of cover. The pockets are ideal to carry tracts, a book, notes, territory card, etc. Have your name stamped or choose options that we can add lasered designs. Makes the perfect gift for that special person.

JW iPad Holders

We carry tablet covers in classic designs for a professional and business-like appearance, such as our leather iPad cases. Easily tote your tablet to ministry and meetings for quick access to notes and materials. We even offer a case with a poly grey accent to match the newest version of the New World Translation. Shop with for all of your ministry materials, NWT bibles, tablet covers and more.